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About Totally Square Records

About Totally Square Records

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Totally Square Records signs artists who stand against drugs, irresponsible drinking and other behavior that would only land them on the front cover of the tabloids. The music industry, and the entertainment industry as a whole, have become so caught up in negative publicity that it is almost expected that a popular singer or actor will air his or her dirty laundry in the public as much as possible. That does not mean, however, that base behavior and lifestyle is appreciated. Superstars who have enough talent and appeal can choose not to fall for cheap, dirty publicity as long as the team surrounding them will support them in their efforts to stand out for the positive. Totally Square Records will lift up its artists as their careers develop and expand, and help them stay true to their long-term goals for success.

Jason Krause
President & CEO

Jason Krause is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Columbia Law School.  He practiced in both corporate transactional and litigation groups at leading international law firms in New York City for eight years before forming Totally Square Records.  He is also a founding member and lead singer of the Christian rock band Brother of Jared.

Andreas Sahar
Artistic Director

Andreas Sahar is a graduate of Stanford University, Fordham School of Law, and Rutgers Business School. His legal background is in business and entertainment law, and he has substantial business experience in music management, tour management, publishing, licensing, concert venue creation and promotion, and entrepreneurship. Andreas is also an accomplished songwriter and music producer in his own right, and has heard his music broadcast in the U.S. and internationally on television and radio.

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